Wondrous Tan

Beauty therapy has been a major number one priority of mine because my health has plummeted drastically. I suffer from major anxiety that causes my stomach to have the worst pain and nausea of my life. I’ve had to go into ER so many times this year. Finally they have found something in my stomach and will need surgery this following year. But the anxiety stays. Due to medication changes and many Dr. Appointments. I am taking care of myself and am at the top of my list. I started with tanning at Palm Beach Tan. Where I live in Oregon the weather rains and is dark and gray and cold almost 12 months out of the year. I tan naturally. I get my tan from my Dad. He is dark all year round. Even in Portland without having to tan. My Mom on the other hand is very fair. And gets along with Oregon weather very well. I remember my dear friend saying she tans because her therapist said it would be a great source of vitamin D. I haven’t tanned in almost 7 years. Once I got back into the tanning bed, everything seemed so peaceful. I could breath, and relax my stomach. My body was relaxed and I enjoyed my 8 minutes. I also bought tanning bronzer, tan extender, and face tanning lotion to protect my skin and also help keep the natural dark bronzer look I am going for.